Our Aims, Ethos, Vision & Values

Who We Are

Cornerstone Academy is a Christian based independent children’s care, learning and development provider registered with OFSTED and other national regulating bodies to care for and educate children aged from 3 months to 12 years.

At Cornerstone Academy we believe that the child’s needs come first at all times in every situation, with the growing concern on the level and quality of childcare and education , with strong emphasis on the need for solid and good quality care and education in our communities to assist in the eradication of poverty and help bridge gaps within the society.

Cornerstone Academy is established with the main mission to equip and assist children with the right opportunities to develop their social, moral, educational and spiritual status as well as their individual talents in order to benefit themselves and their communities.

Our Mission Statement

We believe every child is entitled to opportunities to learn, grow and become the best they can be. As such every child needs nurturing and exposure to enriched learning experiences and enabling environment, which we strive to provide.

We also believe that parents need to have a stable sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that their child is safe, learning and striving within their ability. 

And we believe that practitioners should have a supportive work environment to foster their personal and professional development, hence our existence and mission statement:

‘Forging the right partnership to nurture children’s educational, mental, physical and spiritual development.’

Our Goals

  • We aim to provide a SAFE, STIMULATING, CLEAN and HEALTHY environment through understanding and implementing  high quality standards.
  • We aim to foster TRUST and CONFIDENCE with our families, our staff and community by constantly providing an OPEN, FRIENDLY and REASSURING environment.
  • We aim to raise and maintain the highest standard of CARE and EDUCATION through the use of developmentally appropriate curriculums, resources, ongoing staff development and parent awareness programs.
  • We aim to assist children to DISCOVER and DEVELOP their individual God given potential and talent by exposing them to a firm Christian faith foundation.

Our Promise to You

At Cornerstone Academy because we know that caring for your child means a lot to you as much as being responsive to your needs, that makes you as important to us as your child is.

We promise to listen and work with you by continually researching into your needs and that of your child to ensure that you both get the best care and support in life outside of the immediate family/home. We will ensure that:

  • Your child has good nutrition for healthy life
  • Your child has fun
  • Your child is loved and cared for
  • Your child learns and grows physically, Academically and spiritually
  • Your child is safe and bold And you are:
  1. Happy
  2. At peace
  3. Secure
  4. Heard
  5. Informed

In order to keep our promise to you we use over 20 well-developed policies and procedures in delivering the one of the best child care program across the country.

 Regulatory Affiliations

We are registered with OFSTED and other educational regulatory boards. Our professional affiliations include:

  • Havering Early years and Family Information Services Partnership
  • Barking and Dagenham Early years and Family Support Services Partnership
  • Early years Alliance