It's fun to work

All members of our staff are experienced childcare professionals, with up-to-date First Aid and Behaviour Management training. This enables us to achieve our target of nurturing and developing our children by bringing the loving care of home life into our centres.

Centre Managers

All Centre Managers hold minimum of NVQ Level 3 qualifications or equivalent in Childcare with substantial experience in all areas of childcare.

Deputy Managers

Our deputies stand in for our Managers in exceptional circumstances. As such they also hold min NVQ Level 3 or equivalent with hands-on childcare experience.

Key Workers

Every child is assigned a key worker, who takes the lead role in that child's welfare and care. Key workers are your primary partners in leading your child to an independent, self-confident, creative and inquisitive appreciation of the world.

Our staff


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Staff development

Our staffs are experienced professionals, trained to guide your child’s development and education. To maintain the high level of professionalism, Cornerstone Academy provides regular ongoing training and adequate security vetting.