Our Curriculum

Early Years Foundation

This curriculum is used to plan, implement care and ensure development through stimulating and purposeful activities for children aged 0 months 5 ½ years within our centres. It is a widely used curriculum across our various programs such as the full day nursery (Ruby, Emerald and Diamond groups); Play group; Before and After School (Infant group) and the Holiday scheme (Beginners group).


The curriculum is based on 7 areas of development and characteristics of effective learning, which are: Mathematics, Physical development, Literacy development, Communication and Language development, Personal,Social and Emotional development, Understanding the world development, Expressive Art and Design development.

British National Curriculum

This is a very broad curriculum, but it is adapted to care for children aged 5+ – 12 years (Junior group) within our Before and After School as well as Holiday Scheme programmes.

It is directed at the 5 major areas of development of children, which are:
Social and Emotional
Intellectual/ Cognitive
Survival skills

Bible Curriculum

This is an in-house developed curriculum used to develop the spiritual area of every child within our care programmes to enable them to develop a relationship with God in His timing through the Christian faith.

It is specially developed to ensure sure that the Biblical teaching/exposures are:
Child Targeted